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With the right car insurance, save on premiums and drive well protected There are four types of car insurance in Switzerland. Every registered vehicle must have liability insurance. This is required by law and is therefore mandatory for every driver. The providers of motor vehicle liability insurance usually offer very similar services. The premium amounts, however, are quite different. A premium comparison is therefore worthwhile. In addition to compulsory liability insurance, there are three other types of car insurance that can be taken out voluntarily: partial coverage, collision coverage and passenger accident insurance. The benefits and the premium amounts with these insurers differ considerably. It is worthwhile to get detailed information, to compare the insurance benefits and the bonus systems and to find the optimal and cheapest package for your own requirements.

Liability Insurance

This is regulated by law and covers personal injury and property damage as well as loss of earnings caused by the damage caused by the driver in his car to third parties. Cases of gross negligence are excluded. If there is a claim by driving under the influence of z. For example, drugs, alcohol or extreme speed, the insurance company can reclaim some or all of the costs. Some insurance companies either offer the option of additional insurance for gross negligence or include a waiver of reduced benefits in their insurance package. In principle, damage caused by journeys without a legitimate permit - for example without a ticket - is not covered. Most insurers offer bonus protection for a one-time claim per year as part of liability insurance. A comparison of the bonus amounts and the additional services included or offered pays off. A comparison of the insured sums is also recommended. Most providers do not limit the amount of damage, but some do. Damage to your own car is not covered by liability. These risks are covered by comprehensive insurance.

Partial Insurance

This voluntary supplementary insurance covers numerous damage to your own car through no fault of your own. The risks to be covered can be combined in different ways at the various insurance companies:

  • Collision with animals
  • Acts of vandalism, such as deliberate damage to the antenna, the rearview mirror or punctured tires.
  • Martens
  • Glass and broken glass, insurance for defective windows and, in some cases, other glass components (e.g. defective headlights)
  • Martens
  • Personal effects - covers repairs or replacements of personal effects in the car, e.g. B. Baggage. Valuables and cash are usually not insured.

The most personal optimal package can be put together based on your own needs and framework conditions. If a car is always in a garage, for example, insurance against marten damage will be unnecessary. It is therefore advisable to define your own requirements in advance and to use them to compare the offers of the insurance providers. Since the partial comprehensive insurance does not cover damage caused by yourself, comprehensive insurance is often advisable.

Comprehensive Insurance

This addition to car insurance is also voluntary. It primarily covers self-inflicted damage to your own car. With some insurances, the combination of collision and partial coverage is also called fully comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory for leased vehicles. Otherwise, it is important to consider whether such insurance cover is worthwhile for your own vehicle. For newer cars, collision insurance is usually taken out with a current value supplement. In the event of a total loss, the insurer pays around 20 percent more than the current market value of the vehicle. This makes it easier to buy a comparable car. Without this addition, only the current value is paid in the event of a total write-off. The time value addition is possible for different lengths of time with the insurance providers. With some up to the seventh year of operation of the car, with others up to the tenth and beyond.

Occupant Accident Insurance

This voluntary accident insurance covers the costs of personal injury to the driver and passengers. This accident insurance can be taken out separately for the driver, the front passenger or all occupants. If the inmates are already insured through the health insurance company or their employer, this insurance is not always necessary. Certain insurance companies also offer coverage for medical expenses for pets.

Calculation of the Premium.

The premiums for the various types of insurance and the various supplements are very different for the insurance providers. Numerous factors are taken into account for their calculation. For example, the driver's driving experience, the car model, age and nationality of the driver or the canton of residence. At the same time, some insurers also include discount factors, such as B. the energy efficiency of the car or the obligation to have repairs carried out exclusively in partner garages. Some insurance companies also offer premium reductions for low annual mileage. In addition, a voluntarily higher deductible or a longer contract term lead to lower premiums.

Additional Services

The biggest and most difficult to compare differences between insurance providers are the additional services that are offered. They range from breakdown assistance to the reimbursement of key replacement and lock change costs to psychological support after a serious accident and the way in which damage is handled. The packages for international damage protection are also available in different versions. Here, too, it is advisable to assess the offers according to personal needs and thus decide on the individually perfect and cheapest protection package.

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