Supplementary Insurance

Do I need voluntary supplementary insurance?

Additional insurance benefits - what makes sense

Voluntary supplementary insurance covers benefits that are not covered by compulsory health insurance. Each insurer stipulates in its insurance conditions which services it offers in its supplementary insurance. It is specifically about

  • Free choice of hospital anywhere in Switzerland (to cover any cost differences for treatment in a hospital that is not on the hospital list of the canton of residence, without medical reasons)
  • Free choice of doctor in the hospital; additional insurance is often required for treatment by an attending doctor in a private hospital
  • additional comfort (e.g. single or double room in a hospital)
  • Alternative treatment methods, if these are not covered by the compulsory health insurance, and treatment by non-medical therapists
  • Psychotherapeutic treatments by non-medical therapists
  • Dental treatments such as fillings for tooth decay, correction of tooth positions
  • Contributions to non-compulsory drugs
  • Additional contributions to glasses and contact lenses and contributions to other aids
  • Contributions to household help
  • Additional benefits for spa cures and contributions to recovery cures
  • Additional contributions to transport and rescue costs at home and abroad
  • Travel Insurance: Additional travel insurance may be necessary, especially for expensive countries like the US

Please also note that sometimes different supplementary insurances cover the same benefits

Should I cancel supplementary insurance?

If you are convinced that you do not need additional insurance, you can cancel it. A letter template to terminate the insurance is attached to this documentation.

Please note that canceled supplementary insurance from a certain age (55-65 years) and / or in poor health can no longer be taken out or only with reservations.

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